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A user-friendly, entirely open-source Kubernetes cluster metrics to meaningfully view cluster resource and RBAC information
Kubehawk monitor

Track Resource Utilization

Optimize your infrastructure with real-time insights.

Competitive Advantage Through Monitoring

Gain a competitive edge by closely monitoring your Kubernetes resource usage. Our powerful visualizer offers detailed insights into the consumption of CPU, memory, and storage, enabling you to optimize deployments and maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure.
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Visualize RBAC Data in a Simplified Way

Visualize your Clusters RBAC Data in a Simplified Way

Empowering Kubernetes Administrators

Empower your Kubernetes administrators with our cutting-edge visualizer that provides a comprehensive view of Role-Based Access Control information, ensuring optimal security and streamlined management of your cluster permissions.
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Seamlessly Integrate Kubehawk for Impact

Cost effective monitoring solution

Deploy our open-source metrics visualizer directly within your existing Kubernetes cluster for a rapid setup and instant value. Enhance your organizations monitoring capabilities and gain critical insights without any additional hassle or expense.
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Meet the Team

Kyle Brandt

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